One Year

Week 52. Not sure what to say at this point. Sephina is due in the water in 6 months and there still seems to be a big list of jobs to do. Will they be done? I hope so. To put it in perspective the major jobs, repaint, redeck, generator install, water maker install, air con install, copper coat, hatch replacement are all either done or nearly done but the list of small jobs seems to have grown. I might have to dedicate some leave to doing some intense work. The last three weekends have been taken up with visiting the southampton boat show and a short holiday in France.

The boat show was great and despite spending most of our time shopping for our kids we did get a good day at the preview to talk about communication systems for the trip. Of particular note was the red box from mailsail which integrates all the possible network sources and decides on the most efficient. Satellite, wi-fi or 3g. Also a useful purchase was the wi-fi bat, an aerial and booster to find good wi-fi hotspots when in marinas etc.

It was good to be back in the shed this saturday working again. This weekend's jobs were completing the mast steps and cleaning of the mast, putting a mounting in for the davit control box and measuring the boom for the lettering for the banner. I wish more had been done whilst I was away but the gods gave the lurgy to the shipwrights. I now need some luck if we are to finish! Hope for more to report for next week.