Sephina in the water

Oyster 406 Finally after the winter in Beaumaris at ABC PowerMarine she is finally afloat and back in the marina. The guys at ABC were fantastic and we had a good time working with them. I'd like to thank them for their expertise and care and attention to my pride and joy! So the launch was on Saturday and luckily for the first time in 3 weeks there was calm water all around. The final checks were made in the hoist and as previously happened in testing the new Yanmar started first time. So a little reverse and Sephina was floating again. It was a sunny day and soon we were into the fairway flying past Gallows Point. The engine behaved and at 2000 revs were were doing 4 knots. Past B6 and we headed to Penmaen Swatch to take the short cut to Conwy. We were towing the dingy as our emergency engine but it was unnecessary. Towards the fairway buoy we heard our friends out on "Kika" who were testing their new parasailor. As I had my long lens we went over and did a drive by to take some shots. It looked fabulous in the sunlight and as they had Stuart from Seateach on board they had a great time flying it in all sorts of configurations in the hands of an expert. Out on the water was also "Pensiongames" fellow Oyster 406 owners but as we arrived after high water I think they must have been long gone to Puffin island. Perhaps we will see them next time. The dingy was shipped as our confidence grew. Now at 2800 revs we were doing 6.2 knots so it looks like the prop pitch is sweat.  After the spin around Kika, we headed for the Marina and Sephina's home for the next two months of fitting out for the big trip. It was nice to have her in the water again. On the 1st of June Barry and his team are back on from TLC to fix a couple of teak planks and sort out a couple of leaks and soon the refurbished saloon table will be installed. I've seen it in progress and looking forward to the "reveal". It is special!