Copper Coat

Week 48. What to do with the hull? We were lucky that in the same yard Andy and Sue brought their Rassey for a new deck. They already had extensive experience of Blue Water Cruising and were having a Copper Coat applied. Their view was that it was particularly effective in tropical waters and they had lots of R&R as their fellow cruisers were gradually rubbing off their conventional anti foul as the red hair engulfed it. It didn't take long to be convinced and Sephina was prepped for the application of Copper Coat. This involved stripping the old anti foul, 3 coats of epoxy and then 3 coats of copper coat. The actual product was actually Coppersheild 2000. It looks fantastic just like the hull. The question now is do we add a Boot Top. So far I think the answer is yes but it is going to be tricky to mask the hull and abrade ready for the blue line to be painted. Worth the effort I think. This week end my wife and I fitted another 5 mast steps. They were not as easy as expected as some of the rivets pulled through before the mandrel snapped. Drilling them out is not easy but as our lives will depend on them being well attached there was no option but to do it properly. Another job was to cut out a hole on the old water tank to take the new water outlet from the soon to be installed stainless steel tank to fit alongside the water maker.

Wot no pictures!

Week 49. I don't know why but probably because I have been doing so much I just haven't had the time! I took leave from work on Friday and so have done three straight days on Sephina. I wish I could report lots of jobs finished but that is not the case. It has been days of supporting activity to the main event to ensure progress on all the main tasks. With a trip to the boat show next week end and a week mountain biking in France afterwards we will miss two full weekends on the boat. I am hopeful that when I get back lots of things will be finished, in progress or started and I can tick more off the list. I have also started to think of the entertainment system and domestic IT. Well I did say think so nothing to report yet! Scary that my next report will be week 52. A whole year of refitting Sephina. Maybe it will be a week of celebrating lots of new progress. I hope.


Teak Decks

Week 53. It's now getting exciting. I don't care what people say about teak decks they are starting to look fantastic. The gibes and negativity I read on forums about them does not reflect my view. Often you read the only thing a yachtsman never does twice is either buy a blue boat or buy a boat with a teak deck. Well we did both. However we have repainted the blue to a nice pearl white which looks fantastic. This week the striping arrived and next week TLC are going to help apply the Oyster arrows and stripes. This will set off the topsides a treat. Back to the deck. It's now 90% complete and I am really happy that we decided to cover the coach roof as well. I have only seen one picture of an Oyster 406 with full teak decking and that was a brochure boat. This week end my wife and I found and drilled the holes for the lights we are going to set in the deck. This little luxury is more a fun element than a necessity. The lights were bought at the London boat show in January from Calibra Marine who are the UK stockist for "Cabin" lights. When we saw them on their stand we were impressed by the quality but not the price. I remember talking to Tziona on the stand and saying they were expensive and we were going to look for others. She said "You will be back" and sure enough we were. The ones we have chosen are white LED and there will 11 of them set into the teak. When Sephina is lit up at night she will think she is a 70 foot Oyster rather than her modest 40 foot. Ok 40.5 and the 0.5 is important!

One Year

Week 52. Not sure what to say at this point. Sephina is due in the water in 6 months and there still seems to be a big list of jobs to do. Will they be done? I hope so. To put it in perspective the major jobs, repaint, redeck, generator install, water maker install, air con install, copper coat, hatch replacement are all either done or nearly done but the list of small jobs seems to have grown. I might have to dedicate some leave to doing some intense work. The last three weekends have been taken up with visiting the southampton boat show and a short holiday in France.

The boat show was great and despite spending most of our time shopping for our kids we did get a good day at the preview to talk about communication systems for the trip. Of particular note was the red box from mailsail which integrates all the possible network sources and decides on the most efficient. Satellite, wi-fi or 3g. Also a useful purchase was the wi-fi bat, an aerial and booster to find good wi-fi hotspots when in marinas etc.

It was good to be back in the shed this saturday working again. This weekend's jobs were completing the mast steps and cleaning of the mast, putting a mounting in for the davit control box and measuring the boom for the lettering for the banner. I wish more had been done whilst I was away but the gods gave the lurgy to the shipwrights. I now need some luck if we are to finish! Hope for more to report for next week.


Week 54. Ops, somehow edited over this page so will try and rewrite. It was all about stripes (the clue is in the title). The week end saw the marking up and application of the stripes and name. The vinyls were supplied by Peter who also supplies Oyster themselves so they were best of quality. The Oyster 406 as seen on the right positioned before the arrow tail looks particularly good. The final mast step was positioned and the mast is now ready for some updating of the wireing and the new wires for the WiFi antenna and masthead camera.