Week 55. Funnels! Well that's what my wife calls them! The dorade boxes have been polished with G3 paint renovator and have come up so fantastically they deserved new dorade vents. The Plastimo replacements were ordered and the forward two were installed today. This also inspired a cleaning of the superstructure. Using the G3 resulted in an amazing rejuvination and hopefully the photos show this. And then there was the general cleaning. And why! Well Sephina played host to a famous yachting celebrity today but my health care training means I will have to respect confidentiality and his or her privacy. The meeting was to look at Sephina's teak decks with a view to having the same done to his or her recent yacht purchase. Hopefully if things work out I might be able to say more in future but I was proud of the way she looked today. I am getting more and more confident that the refit will be truely spectacular. Also completed this week were the installation of the generator battery which required a base to be fabricated, the continued renovation of the teak in the aft cabin and the start of the speed sensor install. This week has seen TLC continuing on the renovation of the interior where the damage to the lockers had been caused by the leaking chain plates. Paul has done an amazing job in rebuilding the damaged carcass and lining the cupboards with teak. He has also nearly completed the air conditioning teak facing and vent under the chart table. So in summary this week has seen consistent progress in a number of areas and long may it continue.


Teak Teak and more Teak

Week 56. I have developed lots of skills over the year but some jobs are just too difficult. When I bought our first house I gutted it, re-wired, re-plumbed, re-built but the one skill I never mastered was plastering. Some 30 years later I have decided woodwork is like plastering. If you can do it then it looks easy. Paul from TLC does exactly that. He has been working on the interior and has replaced the water stained lockers, custom fitted the water maker panel and utilised space by creating removable access panels and shelves. Work has moved on to the galley where a major upgrade is in progress. This week end has seen the preparation for the replacement for the forward saloon windows that were refurbished with new seals etc. and the replacement of the speed paddle wheel sensor for an ultrasonic one. Apart from the advantage of no protruding parts to get caught in slings etc the freedom from constantly clearing the paddle wheel from crud and the low speed performance will I am sure be welcome. The electric davits are about to go back on so another job was cleaning all the bolts so they can be re-bedded with new sealant. With the new generator in the lazarette gaining access to the mountings will not be easy.

Mast Head Camera

Week 58. It is time for some of the fun stuff. The idea of installing a camera at the top of the mast has resulted in much hilarity amongst my sailing friends, only surpassed by the washing machine. But both are becoming a reality. The forward heads are slowly being converted into the laundry room. Initially it would sacrifice the toilet in favour of the washing machine but it has become apparent as the plans have taken shape that there is space to have a macerating electric toilet as well as the 2nd bilge pump and washing machine. The joinery and fitting are a sight to behold and now it only remains to try and lift the washing machine into place during this week. I have installed the plumbing and fittings so all should be in place by my next report. Also this week has seen further progress on caulking the deck and finishing off the forward window replacement. The galley is also coming along and will soon be ready for photographs of before and after! And to the fun stuff. The Steel Fabricator was unable to install the water tank as planned but he did come up with the much needed masthead plate for mounting the Pan Tilt Zoom camera. Judicious drilling, cutting and filing has resulted in a solid fixing. The mast has been rewired and the multicore video and control cable has been threaded and ready for connection. Work is is also underway to refit the chart table navigation area with the Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Control. Due to the work on caulking the deck access was limited on the boat itself. This meant saturday was restricted to tidying up the shed. It turned out to be a job well done as a number of tools and fittings were discovered and put in their rightful place. Early sunday was taken up with wiring the generator battery to the house charger to ensure constant start power. So all in all a good week of progress.

Do unto others

Week 57. More on the title later. Continuing on from last week the refit of the interior is constantly impressing me. Take a look at the photo on the right. I have no idea how this is achieved.  The construction of this corner marrying the old to the new is to me a work of art. The Galley was in need of a refurbishment and in the modern tradition, needed to be lightened. This meant replacing the stained water damaged teak caused by a leaking porthole, with a lighter brighter material. I didn't want it to look "white painted" so did some research and came up with a wonder material, although expensive it has so far proved to be the right choice. That material is ColoCore Formica. It is a version of formica that is self coloured and is incredibly tough. My shipright preferred the teak but each to his own! The ColoCore is a new material to him but he has adapted quickly and I know the result will be fantastic. So what have we done this week end? Well more cleaning of the lazarette now the generator and autopilot drive are installed and preparing for the plumbing of the washing machine. And so to the title. The Davits needed to be lifted and fitted to the deck. Heavy and complicated and more than a 2 man job. Some of the friends I lined up were unable to make it which left me short but others at short notice rallied round including brief acquaintances and the davits are on. So to Sunday. In the shed a fellow sailor needed his mast resprayed which clearly was a risk to the now pristine re-painted and re-decked Sephina. There was nothing for it but to help out and make sure both Sephina and the mast respray went off sucessfully. The title of this blog has done me well for the last 55 years and I know it will serve me well in the future.


Too exciting and much to report

Week 59. I suppose house building is the same. At some point it all looks like it might actually happen and every day another job seems to be nearing completion. So far this week the deck has been first sanded, the galley is ready for final touches, the new water tank is installed and the laundry room is ready for the washing machine. So the laundry room first. This is the converted forward heads and has been substantially modified to enable a small washing machine to be fitted. Luckily the refit has left enough space for us to be able to put back a toilet. A macerator electric toilet will fit nicely and because of the water maker a fresh water feed should ensure low odour! This might have to wait until next year as budget and time seem to be against us. The small stainless steel water tank has now been installed in the space left in the original water tank which now houses the water maker. It is bigger than I expected and James the steel fabricator from JP Engineering has done a magnificent job. The Galley now looks bright and modern. TLC have again sprinkled some magic and it all looks better than our wildest dreams. This week end I put some of the finishing touches such as wiring the new mains plugs and fitting the new LED strip light. As can be seen from the photo on the right it is bright clean and functional. The teak deck has been completed in terms of its installation. The job now involves the first cut sanding which is nearing completion and this starts to make the whole boat look like new. It was a great decision to teak the coach roof and area behind the cockpit. I have posted some pictures of the progress here and can't wait to see the end result.

The caulking has been done slowly to avoid any air bubles and the quality that has resulted is extraordinary. Once the first sanding is complete the caulking will be touched up where necessary and then the final sanding. After this the refitting of the deck hardware will take place. Specification drift has meant a lot of the hardware will be new, new hinges, cleats and tracks to name just a few. My wife continues to clean and restore the rest. The final job of the week end was connecting up the new water tank. Some jobs go well and some do not!. The plastic pipe that goes from the bottom of the tank to the water balance assembly was a very tight squeeze onto the tank fitting. Finally after much heat and judicious fairy liquid it went on. However it was too short. More heat aided removal. I cut some more hose and tried again. More heat and washing up liquid connected it a second time. Still to short. When will I learn, measure twice cut once. Another trip to the chandlery and that means ABC in Beaumaris as the local one has a very very limited stock and the past 5 trips there have been a waste of time!