Anchor etc

The survey revealed a bent anchor stock. The recommendation was to replace it. As usual this started a chain of events (unintended pun sorry) including new chain, anchor, windlass and restoration of the anchor locker. First the old anchor and chain was removed. The chain initially looked all right but towards the end a number of links were rusty. Too rusty to re-galvanise. As the chain was about 45 meters and the intended cruising involves a circumnavigation including hopefully many nights in quiet bays, I reasoned that a longer chain would not go amiss. I settled on 90 meters but have yet to try and load it into the locker. It might have to be reduced. The anchor itself had a bent stock and the surveyor recommended replacement. It would be nice to finish off the new deck and fittings with a bold stainless steel anchor. It was going to be my one luxury item but the list of luxuries seems to have grown! The anchor chain duly arrived but on a palate that even three men could not lift. Hand balling in and out of the car was the only way to transport it to the boat. The windlass was removed and a new Lewmar H3 was purchased along with the manual recovery kit. It is a thing of beauty. The anchor locker was in need of a repaint but Barry from TLC advised "Gel Washing" it. I had no idea what this meant but soon discovered it was polyurethane, gel coat, wax oil, colour and hardener. This makes a very hard wearing and easily washable surface much like the topsides. Tricky to apply as time is not always on your side as the "paint" is hardening almost from the moment you start. The fumes also require a good mask. However it was well worth it as the finish is superb.

19/03/2011 To mount the new windlass was not straight forward. Firstly the position of the chain gypsy was on the opposite side to the original, it was significantly larger and power hungry and finally it needed to be raised to make the near 90 degree chain angle. Modifications to the anchor shelf were just time consuming but the switching of the anchor line to the opposite bow roller would mean significantly modifying the anchor locker lid. The raised tunnel for the anchor stock was on the wrong side. The was achieved by cutting out the tunnel and swapping it for the other side. A cut and shut job! The finished product is in development as can be seen from the photographs by clicking on the photo on this page. More updates to come as the project nears completion.


04/05/2011. The anchor locker and lid are now complete. The wiring of the Lewmar H3 windlass is going to be done by Carl of TLC Boat Repairs. In addition I decided to add an anchor wash. This is achieved by using a curly hose with a separate pressure pump. This will hopefully keep the anchor and chain clean. The pump required a mounting to be fabricated in the bilge of the forward cabin. The bow rollers were also tired so I had new ones fabricated by a local shop for £20.00 each. More info when I have it all wired up and load the anchor and chain.