Everyone needs a new Kitchen and Sephina is no exception. This is a long term project and the destruction has only just started. Click on the photo to see more. A trip to the boat show in January 2011 will give us ideas of the possible. We know we want to make it bright and taps have moved on!

There was damaged teak veneer above the sink and the whole area looked messy. On doing some research I discovered a special formica called ColorCore. This is a robust laminate that maintains its appearance in high-wear situations. The old veneer was removed and the cut ColorCore was stuck to work surfaces and splash backs. The sink had to be removed so I took the opportunity to upgrade the taps and waste system and install a new sink. I also removed the complex systems of manual water pumps and manual sink drain. I am sure there will be times when the water pump doesn't work and the sink doesn't drain but it has made the whole area look more modern. I have also installed new LED lighting to brighten up the sink area. TLC did most of the Formica and woodwork and the result is fantastic. The only job left to do as of Jan 2012 is to connect up the water to the sink and check the gas system. 

Click on the photo to see more pictures of this project.