After having researched this and several conversations with Advanced Yacht the Paguro 5000 seemed like the best option. I always knew it was going to be tight to fit it in the aft lazarett but that was an understatement. Luckily I called in the professionals and the local Paguro agent was Rowlands Marine Electronics of Pwllheli. They surveyed and gave me confidence that it would just fit with a custom fabricated stainless steel tray to lower the floor. TLC fabricated the support and all looked rosy. Unfortunately the Raymarine autopilot was located below the intended position of the generator and whilst it would still be able to operate it would have been almost impossible to get access in an emergency. With a bit of head scratching it was thought it could be relocated to the other side. No such luck. The geometry was difficult and the number of systems to support the generator occupied valuable space. The advice was to bite the bullet and go for a different design autopilot drive. Whilst this was a blow initially it did mean that the new drive was engineered for 24 hour operation and would avoid taking a spare. The choice was a Simrad DD15. Some modification of the rudder quadrant arm would do the trick. Currently in Week 46 Rowlands are finalising the design of the mounting. Week 49 has seen the project complete. The unit fits in to the lazarette with enough space to open the clam shell and get to the parts for service. It won't be possible to test it until the launch but with the amount of systems we are installing there is no doubt it will be a valuable asset.