Mast Head CCTV

Why. I have no idea. I just thought about it because Raymarine had a CCTV camera available for marine use and my E120 has a video input.

I don't know if it will be of any use but I thought I would give it a go.

The idea would be to have a pan, tilt and zoom camera placed on the mast head. Might be useful for reef spotting, security, horizon gazing and traffic spotting while at the chart table.

Doing some internet reasearch I knew I needed a dome camera that was IP67 weather proofed. I hope it copes with the marine enviroment but I figure the top of the mast should not get a salt water soaking too often!

Ebay turned up a G7J-AUTO SCAN SPEED DOME PTZ SECURITY CCTV CAMERA 1/4" Sony Color Super HAD CCD image sensor 22 x ZOOM. This seems to be able to do everthing.

So far it is connected on the kitchen table but will be developed as a project over the next few months.

15/11/11 To mound the camera on the mast required making a plate to take the dome unit as can be seen from the picture above the supplied bracket is for mounting to a vertical surface. This was fabricated in aluminium and and required a number of masthead sensors being removed to take the plate. The plate turned out to be ideal and the spacer and plate enable the camera to be mounted in the front of the mast with just enough clearance for the forestay. In this position I hope to be able to see all around apart from directly backwards. Currently I am thinking of using a small second camera mounted on the coachroof facing backwards to give a view of the helm. Both cameras will be wired into the Raymarine E120s and then converted into HDMI for broadcast to the two domestic TVs planned for the saloon and aft cabin. The mast has been wired for the control unit and the Pan Tilt Zoom control unit is currently being fitted int the Nav Station.

I have no idea if this will all be a white elegant but I see uses such as reef spotting, keeping a look out when below, security and anchor monitoring.

16/06/2012 Some of the video from the camera from first trip of Sephina

Arrive Backwards into Caernarfon

Wave off Waterford from passing Ship

Following Kika