Teak Decks

Teak Deck on coach roof Oyster 406This is going to cost me a bomb! Before the purchase it was obvious that Sephina's teak decks were going to need more than a repair. It preyed on my mind that a complete re-deck was going to be the only option. A bit of due diligence was going to be needed to see if re-decking was going to break the bank. The answer was "Yes". Well almost. The broker involved in the purchase was extremely helpful and didn't try to hide any of the defects. Incidentally if you are going to buy a yacht than I have no hesitation in recommending Berthon and their staff in Lymington. Asking around revealed that 30K was not far from the mark to get a new deck in the South of England. This was a shock but also an opportunity. All agreed that re-decking was the only realistic option so this had to be taken into account in the offer price. The opportunity extended to the fact that we would be the benificeries of the new teak deck. How wonderful to own a used Oyster with a spanking new deck. So the hunt began. We were soon able to find a local company that specialise in refits and teak decks in particular. Local to us but such good value that owners have trucked their boats from the South coast and back and still saved a bucket load of money. I checked out some of the work and spoke to satisfied owners. TLC of Conwy were comissioned. The deal was done. Watch out for progress over the next few months as Sephina is transformed.

16/01/2011. It's started. The first new teak planking has been put down on the coach roof.

04/03/2011. It's stopped. The shipwright has had a nasty fall from another yacht and has broken both wrists. We all wish him well.

05/10/2011. It's started! Well not all the delay was the poor broken wrists. As we have 18 months for the refit other owners were in more of a rush than us and it suited us that we could get other jobs done which could have potentially marked the new deck. But now we need it finished and the team are back on. Very quick progress has ensued and over the next couple of weeks we will see completion. I can't wait to take the photos and publish them. It will be a major milestone.

07/1/2012. Its is all finished and what a job. I don't care what the teak sceptics say, it is worth every penny. The attention to detail has been a hall mark of the quality of the job. All the deck fittings are back on and yes, most are new. New Genoa track, new cleats, hatches, dories, new hinges and fasteners. now comes the task of cleaning the superstructure to finish of the new look.