Goodbye 4.108

November 2012. Friday the 16th dawned a beautiful day in North Wales. I was very lucky that on the chosen day to take Sephina over to Beaumaris my youngest and her boyfriend were staying with us. As they are both Yachtmasters it was a relief to have competent helpers. As the weather was calm and settled the exit from the Marina was as simple as it could be. We set off and pushed the tide to exit the Conwy River and were soon navigating the swatch way to Beaumaris. We were scheduled for a 11:30 arrival and we were bang on the money. The guys at ABC Power Marine were ready and we edged our way into the new lifting hoist and were soon captured and lifted. Firstly I was delighted by the professionalism of the ABC staff and secondly I was delighted that the coppercoat showed absolutely no barnacles what so ever. A good investment. The lift took Sephina into the yard and she was awarded pride of place outside the main shed. Inside the shed was the reason we travelled to Beaumaris, the beautiful Vetus 4.65 and Ron the marine engineer who has adopted Sephina's mechanicals. It was because of our trust in Ron and the team at ABC that influenced our decision to re-engine. Sephina is in good safe hands. We are off to Gran Canaria for a weeks R&R and in a sort of coincidence it is the week the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers departs for the Caribbean.  We hope to see some of the boat preparation to help inform the remaining work. I hope to be able to catalogue the engine replacement for other 406 owners who will be in the "new engine project" sooner or later. I will start a New Engine section so I can add articles and photos as the project progresses.