Goodbye 4.108, Goodbye Vetus, Hello Yanmar

It was never going to be simple. After nearly 12 weeks we have finally concluded that we cannot fit a Vetus 4.65 into the space available. The final decision was taken after Vetus confirmed that the engine gearbox combination shown in the manual was not actually available as it had been shown to cause undue vibration. At least we now know once and for all that it is not an option. The further options we considered today at ABC Powermarine were the Vetus 4.55 or the Yanmar 4JH5E 54HP. The Yanmar is more expensive but the Vetus is a smaller engine turbocharged to give the 55HP. Despite running a 3L Turbo Charged diesel engine in my car for 140,000 faultless miles I don't fancy the added complexity of fixing a turbocharger in remote places. So the decision is made and the order placed. I hope it doesn't take long to arrive as time is definately ticking away. It has been great to have the team at ABC helping me through this and I am now confident we have a workable solution. The alternator is too small so a 120A OEM replacement needs to be sourced. The spares list I will worry about later. Other progress is signalled by boat show order arrivals. Such heavy weight items such as spare and kedge anchors, an anchor chum, spare anchor rode, and the new cooker. All very exciting but I am definitely going to have to raise the water line. Another item in progress is the refurbishment of the saloon table. It has always annoyed me that it is the first thing you see as you go below and it has had its day with chipped varnish and dints and worn hinges. Nothing for it but to get Barry and the TLC team to work their magic. I have set them quite a task as I want it to be a show piece. I have seen the plans and the first view of the inlays! you will have to wait for further updates to see what I mean.