Sephina Topsides

Well they were blue. I loved the look of Blue topsides. Unfortunately all the perceived wisdom says they should be white for warm climates. As they were in poor condition and there were two large stress impact fractures in the gel coat they needed to be repainted anyway. A job yet to be done as with many others.

June 2011. The fractures have been filled and the painting has started. I have decided to use Hempel marine paint. To avoid Sephina looking to like the AWB an off white was chosen. This is Hempel Pearl White Poly Gloss. The application of the Light Primer Undercoat proved to be lighter than expected! The estimate was to use about 4.5litres but it took 3 litres just to cover the hull and it was almost transparent. Some scratching of heads and a realisation that more would be required.