Washing Machine

So far I have bought a Candy AQUA100F small front loader . I thought about where it might go and decided on the forward heads. This will make the area smaller and require the en-suite door from the fore cabin to be sacrificed but hey, who cares about guests!

The only problem is the rather school boy mistake in that I didnt measure the width of the machine first. It is 8mm too wide to go through the door from the saloon into the forward heads. I'm sure this can be solved without the need to revert to a saw!!!!

Update 20/11/2011 I have removed the toilet, sink and taps and TLC have made the plinth ready. The door into the fore cabin has been sealed off and a worktop constructed to span the space. I installed a new sink and tap and a skin fitting for the washing machine waste. Today the moment of truth arrived and it was lifted onto the boat. Would it fit? First the journey through the companionway was without incident but on arrival at the heads entrance we knew it was going to be a millimetres game. To maximise our chances of success all items on the machine that could be removed were, door knobs and back. The final tweak was to remove the trim from the door frame of the heads at the height of the machine. It went in with the width of masking tape to spare! We now have a plumed in ready to go machine. We will arrive in the Caribbean with clean underwear!